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Window Tinting & Enhancment Films

SDP - Tint Division

Privacy Enhancement – Window Film

Many glazed areas lead to unwanted prying eyes, or clear vision to an unsightly area. Privacy films offer an inexpensive yet highly effective solution to such problems, and eliminate any need to replace windows for solid walls, or introduce other costly solutions such as privacy blinds.

SDP's range of Privacy films are available in many colours and density’s, from 100% privacy and light free, to subtle and attractive sand-blast and etched effect films which allow a high amount of light through – but not prying eyes!

Typical applications include glazed areas within offices, cloakroom windows and large office and shop-fronts where internal changes to the building have led to unsightly plaster walls, electrical cables and plumbing being exposed.


All of our privacy films are high quality and long lasting, with manufacturers warranties of up to 10 years

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Safety Window Film

SDP - Tint Division

Safety – Window Film

Professionally installed safety film provides an invisible yet highly effective protection to people and property. Available from 50 to 350 microns, all tested to relevant British (BS 6206) and European (EN 12600) impact tests. Safety films have a tough, scratch resistant coating and come with a 10 year warranty.

Security films hold glass fragments together in the event of breakage will also help to strengthen glass, lessening the risk of breakage following malicious or accidental impact.

Glazing which does not meet Regulation 14 guidelines must be upgraded. The solution is to either remove and re-glaze (expensive and disruptive) or have high-quality and cost effective security film applied with little disruption to staff and routines within a building.

Security film protect occupants and property from severe threats, such as storm damage, terrorist explosions, mob-riots and break-ins. 175 micron film meets MoD bomb-blast requirements.

Combined solar-safety films are available offering the benefits of both types in one film and are available from 100 to over 250 microns. Film costs are only marginally higher and application costs are virtually the same as standard films

Call our sales team today to discuss your requirements on 02392 006437